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TDP 5 Tablet Press Machine

TDP 5 Tablet Press Machine

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Китай, Циндао
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  • БрендTDP
  • Страна производительКитай
  • ЦветСеребристый
  • Автоматизация процессаПолуавтоматический
  • Производительность3,000-4,000pcs корзины/ч
  • GTIN27963

The TDP 5 Pill Press Machine is a type of tablet press used in the pharmaceutical and related industries to produce tablets or pills. "TDP" stands for "Tablet Press Desktop, " and the number "5" in TDP 5 denotes the model.

Key features and capabilities of the TDP 5 Pill Press Machine may include:

Small - Batch Production: The machine is designed for small - scale or laboratory - level production, making it suitable for applications where moderate quantities of tablets are needed.



Versatility: It can be used to press various types of tablets, including medicinal tablets, catalysts, sugar tablets, calcium tablets, coffee tablets, powder metallurgical tablets, electronic elements, and tablets for pesticides and fertilizers.



Printed Tablets: The machine can press tablets with printing on both sides, adding the capability to include markings, logos, or other identifiers on the tablets.



Abnormity and Normal Tablets: The TDP 5 can produce both normal - shaped tablets and abnormity tablets, providing flexibility in tablet design.



Installation and After - Sales Service: The manufacturer or supplier typically provides installation and commissioning services to ensure that the machine is set up and functioning correctly. After - sales services may include technical support and assistance.



This versatile machine is well - suited for a range of industries, including Chemical, Foodstuff, and Electronic sectors. It is designed for the compression of various materials such as medicinal tablets, catalysts, sugar tablets, Calcium tablets, Coffee tablets, Powder Metallurgical, Electronic elements, as well as a variety of pesticide and fertilizer tablets. Ideal for small - batch production, laboratory use, and hospital applications, this machine can efficiently produce both normal and abnormal tablets, including those with printing on both sides.

Installation and After - Sales Service




Installation and Commissioning: Prior to shipment, we ensure the machine is installed and tested to operate at its best.

Upon customer request for on - site adjustments and technician training upon arrival, our technician will be dispatched accordingly.



All associated expenses, covering the round - trip air ticket to the nearest airport, local transportation to your facility, as well as lodging and boarding, will be covered by you. If our technician's stay is required, an additional service charge of US $100 per day will apply.








Stations(unit) 1
Thickness of the die 20mm

Maximum compression


Max. Diameter of tablet to be produced



TDP - 5

Max. Filling depth


Capacity of the tablet

3,000 - 4,000pcs

Max. Thickness of tablet



Candy salt and so on

Overall Dimension 650 * 440 * 650mm
Weight 120KG
Warranty 5 years

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TDP 5 Tablet Press Machine
TDP 5 Tablet Press Machine
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