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TDP 1.5 Pill Press Machicne

TDP 1.5 Pill Press Machicne

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Китай, Циндао
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  • БрендTDP
  • Страна производительКитай
  • Вес45 кг
  • ЦветБелый
  • УсилиеAutomatic Н·м
  • GTIN243578

The TDP 1.5 stands as a single - punch pill press boasting a maximum pressure of 15 kilonewtons. Primarily designed for bench installation, it also offers the convenience of easy detachment and relocation. This equipment facilitates adjustable fill depths, reaching a maximum of 12 mm (0.472 in), and is capable of producing tablets with dimensions of up to 8 mm (0.315 in) in width and 6 mm (0.236 in) in thickness.






Distinguished by its versatility, the TDP 1.5 breaks free from the confines of standard tablet shapes. Mould interchangeability allows users to effortlessly create tablets of virtually any desired form. Moreover, the machine permits adjustment of pill density, and offers the option to imprint designs on the tablet surface for either aesthetic appeal or identification purposes. This feature has proven especially advantageous in research and development applications, enabling the production of small quantities of pills with diverse formulations for clinical studies.




Compatibility is a key feature of the TDP 1.5, allowing it to work effectively with the majority of granulated or powdered materials. However, it is not intended for use with excessively moist substances or super - fine powders.




Engineered for user convenience, the TDP 1.5 is recognized for its high functionality and can be operated either electrically or manually. In manual mode, the press is activated by simply turning a cranking wheel. With a compact base and a relatively low weight compared to machines of similar specifications, the TDP 1.5 offers enhanced flexibility and portability without compromising overall performance.

Key features of the TDP 1.5 Pill Press Machine may include:




Small Batch Production: The TDP 1.5 is designed for producing tablets in smaller quantities, making it suitable for applications where only a limited number of tablets are needed.




Versatility: Similar to other TDP models, the TDP 1.5 can be used to press various types of tablets, including those for medicinal use, catalysts, sugar, calcium, and other materials.




Compact Size: The machine is often more compact and portable compared to larger industrial - scale tablet presses, making it suitable for use in laboratories or other settings where space is limited.




Manual Operation: Some versions of the TDP 1.5 may be manually operated, requiring the user to input materials and operate the machine in a semi - automatic or manual fashion.




Basic Features: The TDP 1.5 may have basic features suitable for small - scale production, and it may lack some of the advanced capabilities found in larger and more sophisticated tablet presses.


Parameter Specification
Max. Pressure 15 kN
Max. Diameter of Tablet 12 mm
Max. Tablet Thickness 6 mm
Max. Depth of Filling 12 mm
Production Capacity 6000 tablets/hour
Weight 45 kg
Overall Size 640 x 470 x 750 mm
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TDP 1.5 Pill Press Machicne
TDP 1.5 Pill Press Machicne
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