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MIDAS fuel antimixture valve

MIDAS fuel antimixture valve

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The MIDAS system allows to identify fuel during its discharge in the tank of storage and to prevent mixing of gasoline and the diesel

For operation of the adjusting valve in Midas the engine with big torque working at small current is used. In a closed position the valve is completely impenetrable both for the merged fuel, and for vapors from the tank. Such tightness prevents emission of LOS vapors in the environment. - the Discharge - fuels in the storage tank which is not intended for it (gasoline in the diesel and vice versa) leads to substantial damages and is very expensive mistake. The similar situation can happen because of a human mistake in the absence of automatic control of discharge at gas station since responsibility for discharge of fuel in the tank intended for it completely lies on the fuel truck driver and personnel of gas station.

The MIDAS system allows to prevent emergence of similar mistakes and to exclude possible losses!


What occurs at plum of fuel in the tank which is not intended for it?

1. At best: -

The fuel truck driver notices an error and notifies on it personnel of gas station. Experts make emergency discharge of fuel from the tank. The polluted fuel is subject to cleaning.

The similar situation leads to loss of time and substantial damages.

2. At worst:

The fuel truck driver does not notice an error. Clients of gas station fuel polluted the cars that leads to malfunctions in their work. - the Complaint to quality of fuel which clients make to the management of gas station negatively affects its reputation.


As the MIDAS system works

The device is calibrated in installation time for use with gasoline or diesel fuel. Then at plum the system immediately defines a type of the merged fuel and if it corresponds to set, opens the valve, allowing having merged. If fuel does not correspond to the set type, the valve remains closed, and the block gives sound and light signals to warn the driver and the operator about a mistake.

MIDAS works absolutely independently, using the built - in replaceable battery calculated on service life of 5 - 7 years. It allows to use this device is not dependent on the location of a drain priyamk and does not demand additional connections. -

All happening actions with the device register in memory - and this magazine remains constantly. This log can be transferred by means of the service Data - Tec panel to the ordinary personal computer for further processing.



For data transmission the Midas block uses wireless connection through IK - connection. The system is completely automated and does not demand intervention from the fuel truck driver, except for need to give request for the beginning of discharge.

To include, reboot or close Midas, the keys charms which are included in the delivery package are used. Keys for closing and reset can be stored in operator on a case of mistakes during discharge. For calibration, change of parameters of work, data acquisition and diagnostics the Datatec block which is also included in the package is used. -

Thanks to low consumption of energy and slow mechanical wear the Midas block demands the minimum maintenance. Power supply of Midas is carried out from the internal accumulator. According to calculations, 2 deliveries of fuel to gas station a day allow Midas to work from one accumulator without recharge within 5 - 7 years.


Advantages of the MIDAS system

• Operation of the block is controlled by the microprocessor
• Accumulator service life – 5 - 7 years
• For giving of light signals light - emitting diodes are used
• A piezoelectric siren for giving of sound signals
• The valve is automatically closed at failure in work
• Data acquisition on wireless connection
• Keys charms for the main operations
• For control of system the Data - tec block is used


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MIDAS fuel antimixture valve
MIDAS fuel antimixture valve
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