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The LK1E Elema-N LOR-combine is intended for carrying out different procedures in the ENT SPECIALIST - offices, such as: washing of ear cavities, treatment by means of liquid and oil medicines, carrying out surveys, storage of tools. Floor option. The body from plate MDF with an acrylic covering, upper panels - metal. Collaboration with the device like "Tonzillor" is possible, at the same time the aspirator which is built in in the ENT SPECIALIST - the combine is used.

According to the additional request it can be completed with the following equipment: an otoscope, a nalobny reflector, the lighter for survey, tool kits, a masseur of a tympanic membrane of an ear, the device "Tonzillor", the endoscopic equipment.

The ENT specialist the combine is completed with two types of a chair of a patsent:

  • The patient's chair otorhinolaryngological "Elema-N KPO1" with the electromechanical elevator
  • The patient's chair otorhinolaryngological "Elema-N KPO1" with the hydraulic elevator

Tool rack: 
Compartment with a folding cover and trays for the tool with heating and UF-disinfection; the sliding shelf for the letter; two sliding panels with trays for the tool; the sliding panel with the containers EDPO-3 for the used tool.
Connecting rack: 
The shelf for the device "Tonzillor" with aspiration a can, the drawer and regiments for installation of the additional equipment (for example, a light source for endoscopes), dissected away under the system unit of the computer.
Instrument rack: 
The control unit with the push-button panel and znakosinteziruyushchy LED-indicators on three channels - vacuum, pressure, temperature of the washing-out liquid; nests for installation of endoscopes (for pure endoscopes-4 of piece from stainless steel, length is 200 mm, internal diameter is 16 mm. with heating; for the used endoscopes - 4 pieces from a ftoroplast, length of 200 mm, internal diameter of 20 mm, are expected filling with disinfecting liquid); a swivel arm for installation of the monitor (the monitor is not included in the package of delivery); the warmed-up panel for bottles with the installed sprayers for liquid and oil medicines; the sliding panel with a capacity for the washing-out liquid with heating; a swivel arm on which are established: a funnel for reception of the washing-out liquid with the connected aspiration hose, handles for sprayers and system of washing, the holder of a nalobny reflector; a needle with the filter for system of washing; a compartment with pumps; the lateral tire with aspiration banks; the container for collecting garbage.

According to the additional request it can be equipped with an additional set of sprayers and a set of adapters to handles of sprayers and devices of washing for connection of olives for washing and blowing off.

Basic color of execution - blue, any another - under the order. The order of color - on a RAL palette. By delivery of the LK1E Elema-N LOR-combine complete with a chair of the patient Elema-N of KPO1 or a chair of the doctor Elema-N of CBO1, color of a set is defined by color of an upholstery of a chair and chair.

Technical characteristics:

Two independent channels of forcing and aspiration with separate adjustment of vacuum and pressure

Range of regulation of vacuum, kPa

- 0 - 85

Range of regulation of pressure, kPa


Free consumption of air of forcing and aspiration, l/min


 Capacity volume for the washing-out liquid , l


Volume of aspiration cans, l


Level of sound pressure, dB     


Time of continuous work, hour


Power supply from the alternating current main, In, Hz


Power consumption, VA


Weight, kg


Overall dimensions, mm (length in a bracket - with the developed rotary rack)

1650(1970) h600kh1220

Digital input of values of vacuum, pressure, temperature of the washing-out liquid

Indication of the current values of vacuum, pressure, temperature of the washing-out liquid on digital znakosinteziruyushchy indicators

Diameter of an aspiration hose 10х16

Float-operated protection against overflow of an aspiration can the collected liquid



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Elema-N LK1E LOR-combine
Elema-N LK1E LOR-combine
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